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330th Anniversary of Genrok:The Rise of Common people

Art Exhibition "HEISEI" Dedicated to Nikko Toshogu Shrine

Period: September 8(Sat)- November(Tue.),2018

Venue: Nikko Toshogu Shrine

September 8(Sat)- November(Tue.),2018

Sukhothai Dynasty to Chakri Dynasty 780 Anniversary Commemoration

Chiang Mai - Japan Friendship Art Exhibition

Period: June 23 (Sat.)-27 (Wed.), 2018

Venue: Chiang Mai City Art and Cultural Centre

Kore Arata Exhibition: New Dawn of Japanese Art -Commemorating 150th Anniversary of Restoration of Imperial Rule and Death of Sakamoto Ryoma-

Period: August 29(Tue.) - September 16(Sat.), 2017

Venue: Gallery Kubota

Period: August 29, 2017 - September 16, 2017
Venue: Gallery Kubota

Exhibition to Celebrate the Completion of the Heisei Great Renovation of Yomeimon Gate of Nikko Toshogu Shrine


Period: July 21(Fri.) - 24(Sun.),2017

Venue: Nikko Toshogu Shrine

Period: July 21, 2017(Fri) - July 24, 2017(Sun)
Venue: Nikko Toshogu Shri


25th Anniversary of the Restoration of Diplomatic Relations between Japan and Lithuania

Japan-Lithuania Friendship Exchange Art Exhibition TOKOSHIE

Period: December 9, 2016(Fri) - January 22, 2017(Sun)


Master of Masters – 380th Anniversary of the Death of Dong Qichang

Japan-China Calligraphy and Painting Exchange Forum

Period: September 6 (Thu.)-9(Sun.), 2016

Venue: Japan-China Friendship Center

Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Reign of His Majesty the King of Thailand The Educational Art Exhibition

Asian Arts for the Children ASEAN+2

Period: July 10(Fri.)-13(Mon.),2016

Japan-Italy Friendship Exchange Art Exhibition

Period: 8th March-13th March 2016
Venue: Ginza Art Hall

The Art Exhibition -MAHORA- by Japanese Artists

Period: 31st October-5th November 2015
Venue: Nikko Toshogu East and West Corridors, Kyakuden(Reception Hall)

Art Exhibition of KOTONASHI

Period: 4th-10th December 2014
Venue: Kapi'olani Community College, LAMA Library

Japan-Italy Educational Art Exhibition for Children

Period: 15th-19th May 2015
Venue: Museo Civico di Siena

-Special Exhibition at the Prime Minister’s Office of Thailand-

Japan-Thailand Exchange Art Exhibition

Period: 10th-16th January 2015
Venue: The Prime Minister's Office of Thailand

Major Achievements to Date

40th Year of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation Project

Japan-Thailand Exchange Art Exhibition

Period: 21st-27th November 2013
Venue: National Silpakorn University's Sanam Chandra Art Gallery

"Sakura" (Bloom of Smile 咲笑) - Art Exhibition for Recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake

Period:13th-17th April 2013
Venue:The reception hall of Nikko Tosho-gu shrine

Observation of Contemporary Japanese Art by the State Hermitage

Virtual Art Exhibition - Theme:Flowers and Human Being-

Period : 15th-19th November 2011
Venue : The State Hermitage, Russia

Grande Reserva Exposicao de Arte do rotulo de vinho took place from October 12 to 16,2011,at Pousada de Palmela,Portugal.
  October 12,2011 The opening cerem...
Chevalier of Art Wine Installation Ceremony / Chevalier of Art Wine Directory Publishing Party

Period: May 1,2011
Venue: Nihonbashi Public hall 
            (Chevalier of Art Wine Installation Ceremony)
            Royal Park Hotel, Hakozaki 
            (Chevalier of Art Wine Directory Publishing Party)

Japan-Portugal : East-West Exchange of Arts and Culture

Period: 1st-10th October 2010
Venue: Orient Museum, Lisbon

Exchange by Japan and a Thai artist Celebrating the 1300th anniversary of Nara Heijo-kyo

Japan-Thailand : Silk Road Exhibition of Arts and Culture

Period: 12th-19th May 2010
Venue: Asean-Japan Centre 1st Floor Hall, Tokyo

REAL EXHIBITION opened under the patronage of H.R.H. Princess Soamsawali. Invited to World AIDS day reception.

Real Exhibition = Red Cross Eternal Love and Art Exhibition

Period: 28th November 2009-1st December 2009
Venue: Bangkok Metropolitan Art and Culture Centre, Bangkok

Malaysia-Japan Art & Photograph Exhibition

Period: 8th-13th September 2009
Venue: Ginza Royal Salon, Tokyo

Japan-Itaty Traditional and Contemporary Arts Exhibition

Period: 11th-14th March 2009
Venue: Siena City Museum, Siena

10 Years of H.R.H. Princess Soamsawali
& Japanese Art
-WAC members' Social Gathering-

Period: 14th-15th January 2009
Venue: Dai-Ichi Hotel Tokyo, Park Hotel Tokyo

Art for Earth AID

Period: 25th-30th March 2008
Venue: Industrial Trade Center, Tokyo

Japan-Malaysia WAC Exhibition for Friendship in 2007

Period: 28th-30th July 2007
Venue: Malaysia National Museum, Kuala Lumpur

The Great Exhibition of Asian Cultural Exchange (Bangkok Exhibition)

Period: 17th-19th November 2006
Venue: Queen Silikit National Convention Center, Bangkok

The Great Exhibition of Asian Cultural Exchange (Tokyo Exhibition)

Period:6th-9th August 2006
Venue: Ikebukuro Sunshine City, Tokyo

"International"Art Exhibition for Children

Period: 6th-9th August 2006
Venue: Ikebukuro Sunshine City, Tokyo

The Exhibition of Japan-Russia International Art & Culture Exchange

Period: 14th-17th April 2006
Venue: Anichiov Palace, St. Petersburg

Japanese Art Exhibition in Asia

Period: 4th-29th August 2005
Venue: Queen’s Gallery, Bangkok

The World Peace Art Exhibition for Children

Period: March 2005
Venue: Gallery Infra, Sweden

The Asia Education and Art Exchange for Friendship

Tokyo Exhibition
Period: 9th-14th December 2003
Venue: Ginza Gallery Museum, Tokyo

Bangkok Exhibition
Period: 9th-17th March 2004
Venue: Amarin Plaza, Bangkok

Art Exhibition for Children
Period: 14th-19th October 2003
9th-14th December 2003
Venue: Ginza Royal Salon, Tokyo
Japan-Russia Friendship Art Exhibition

Period: 21th-23th September 2003
Venue: St. Petersburg

Calligraphy Exhibition by Calligrapher Okei Murayose

Period: May 2003
Venue: Silom Galleria, Bangkok

Personal Exhibition by Shinobu Yasukawa

Period: May 2003
Venue: Gaysorn Plaza, Bangkok

Second Personal Exhibition of Modern Marbled Art by Shinobu Yasukawa

Period: February 2003
Venue: SCB Park, Bangkok

Art Dhama

Period: 21th --28th November 2002
Venue: Plaza Athenee, Bangkok

Japan-Thailand Exchange Art Exhibition 2002

Period: August 2002
Venue: Bangkok

Second "Karuizawa Art Festa"

Period: June 2001
Venue: Karuizawa, Nagano Pref.

Personal Exhibition in Bangkok
  • March 2002 Personal Exhibition of Modern Marbled Art by Shinobu Yasukawa (69 traditional craft works were exhibited)
  • September 2001 Calligraphy Exhibition by Seiha Sakai (20 flamed scroll works were exhibited)
  • June 2001 Calligraphy Exhibition by Ikkei Yaguchi (20 framed works were exhibited)
  • June 2001 Photograph Exhibition by Hikaru Hara (20 framed photographs were exhibited )
  • June 2001 Sumi-Ink Painting Exhibition by Shizue Sekiguchi (20 framed paintings were exhibited)
First "Karuizawa Art Festa"

Period: May 2001
Venue: Karuizawa, Nagano Pref.

Japan-Thailand Art &Culture Exchange 2000

Period: December 2000
Venue: Silpakorn University Art Centre, Bangkok