About WAC

  • Contribution to the world rich in art and culture
  • Practice of sensible non-profit activities
  • Development of educational programs through cultural activities

World Art and Culture Exchange: Aim of Establishment

In the midst of ever stronger economic growth in this new millennium, the people in Asia are facing sweeping changes in the values that they attach to their culture and social life. While there is an ever greater demand to see standards of living enhanced to levels that match those of Western societies, equally there are increasing calls for a comprehensive reappraisal of the importance of their own ethnic traditions and the cultural values that are associated with them.

In such a context, the World Art and Culture Exchange will seek to reenergize the cultural activities undertaken with and between, neighboring countries in Asia, through positive programs of artistic and cultural exchange. In doing so, we hope to be able to better understand each other's values and cultures, to build stronger relationships, and to pursue our common goal of increasing the standards of living for all people. These aims have been the driving force behind the establishment of the organization. Our activities will not simply be focused on artistic and cultural exchanges. Rather, we will also seek to make a meaningful contribution to the recognition of identities of all Asian people, living together side by side, and thus to play a significant role in the realization of a truly global community, and a truly peaceful international society.

With this motivation in mind, the World Art and Culture Exchange was formally established in 2003, with its headquarters in Thailand, and branches in Japan and Malaysia. The Exchange currently has a full program of events including art projects, seminars, symposiums and international conferences, through which we hope to contribute to mutual improvement and development through the medium of artistic and cultural exchanges.


The World Art and Culture Exchange aims to contribute to greater mutual understanding and trust, and thus the creation of closer and more stable relations in the world with many diverse cultures and peoples, through the medium of artistic and cultural activities and exchanges. It also seeks to support the realization of improved living standards for all people.

Through our exchanges we will seek to diffuse, and share, the value and charm of artistic activities from countries other than one's own, of traditional cultural heritage, and of new and innovative challenges. In order to achieve this, the World Art and Culture Exchange will seek the participation of many diverse groups and individuals, and will look to support the activities of as many participants as possible.

The Role of the World Art and Culture Exchange

The World Art and Culture Exchange holds cultural events, both in Japan and overseas, with a particular focus on the exhibition of arts and the introduction of traditional culture, contributing to the deepening of mutual understanding among various countries and diverse culture. It also intends to foster both technical and spiritual aspects of Asian artists in response to western art, by aiming at creating new and innovative forms of art.

World Art and Culture Exchange: Activities Support System

    SECOM General Insurance Co.,Ltd.
    TOBI CO., LTD.

World Art and Culture Exchange: Board of Directors

(Approves Specified Nonprofit Corporation“Tree of creation”)

Honorary Chairman H.S.H. Pansawali (Mother of H.R.H. Princess Soamsawali)
(Thai Royal Family)
Chairman M.R. Somlabh Kitiyakara
(Secretary to HRH Princess Soamsawali)
Vice-Chairman HRH Chao Pakinai Na Chiang Mai
Senior Adviser Nobutoshi Akao
(Former Japanese Ambassador to Thailand/Former ASEAN-Japan Centre Secretary General)
Adviser Panya Vijinthanasarn 
(Former Dean of the Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts, Thai National Silpakorn University)
Vichit Prakobkosol 
(Representative of C.C.T. Group)
Joji Hagiwara
(International Academy“GRECI-MARINO”Member,Professor)
Board Director Vichoke Mukdamanee
(Proffesor of Thai National Silpakorn University)
Executive Director Anuwat Boonithee
(Representative Director of Global Warming Mitigation Foundation)
Representative Director
Secretary General,Tokyo Branch
Fumitaka Ishikawa
(Managing Director of Finesse Co., Ltd.)
Steering Committee Masanori Tanabe
(Group Leader, Hankyu Hanshin Business Travel Co.,Ltd.)
Auditor Dr. Nopoton (Lawyer)
Akira Misono (Accountant)
Honorary advisor · Director Eiichiro Ezoe
Western-style Artist(Dokuritu Fine Art Association)
Kazuo Yamakawa(Japanese painting)
(Approves Specified Nonprofit Corporation“Tree of creation”)
Hosen Nakamura
Katsumoto Munakata
Honorary member Keisei Izutsu(Sumi-ink painting)
Fumi Imamura(Japanese painting)
Yoshiko Katamura(Western painting)
Reiko Tate(Western painting)
Kotoku Takeuchi(Calligraphy)
Haruko Nozawa(Western painting)
Ranseki Maeda(Sumi-ink painting)
Mitsunobu Mosu(Craft)
Suzuko Mori(Western painting)
Toshiko Yasui(Japanese painting)
Councilor Hatsue Inoue(Japanese painting)
Hideko Kaneko(Western painting)
Koichi Tadokoro(Craft)
Yoshihiro Tsukamoto(Western painting)
Keirei Nishida(Calligraphy)
Shuji Nonaka(Western painting)
Soki Hiraga(Western painting)
Yuriko Maruo(Craft)
Yoshinori Murakami(Western painting)
Ikuko Yamauchi(Japanese painting)
Special member Akiko Asami(Japanese painting)
Jinsei Ikegawa(Sumi-ink painting)
Shinko Oiwa(Western painting)
Yoshiaki Ozaki(Print)
Hogyoku Tachibana(Calligraphy)
Shigeo Nakajima(Japanese painting)
Kagyoku Fujisawa(Calligraphy)
Yoshiko Fujita(Print)
Hiromi Miki(Knit craft)
Katsumi Miyata(Collage by Japanese paper)